Global Green is an organization focused on building partnerships which integrate shared interests to erase the conflicts between economic needs and ecological systems of life. Envisioning an abundant future for everyone on the planet, Global Green is on a 10-year mission to positively impact the environment, people’s lives, and business growth before climate change becomes irreversible. 

Inspired by this, and with our own commitment to honor the spirit of Earth Day—each and every day—Vionic is taking steps toward more sustainable practices. Starting with Vionic BEACH: Our earth-friendly, vegan-certified collection of coastal-style sneakers
made from materials that make a difference. 

With BEACH, we’re acting on our mission to reduce the use of fossil-fuel derived polymers in our outsoles by switching to soybean-based alternatives. At the same time, the textiles we use in this collection are fabricated with ethically-produced BCI™ cotton, or upcycled post-consumer polyester. The result is Vionic shoes that are as supportive and stylish as they’ve always been, but with a friendlier environmental footprint.
It’s good for us and for you. Best of all, it benefits the earth. 

With the strides we have taken, we know we have only just begun to scratch the surface of all that is possible, such as compostability of shoes. The footwear industry is entering an exciting time to become more green, and Vionic intends to lead as the sustainability movement grows.

We know that collective changes made by each of us, no matter how small they may be at the individual level, contribute to a profound impact from which the entire planet will benefit. Join us with your purchase on April 22 in a step toward sustainability, while enjoying our Vionic benefits of comfort, support, wellness and style—from the ground up!